Two-Vehicle Crash Leaves Car Upside Down, 3 Taken to Hospital

In a serious road accident that took place on the intersection of Willow Street and Elm Avenue today, two vehicles collided, leaving one of them overturned. The incident occurred around noon when the busy streets were crowded with vehicles and pedestrians.

According to initial reports from the local authorities, a blue sedan and a red pickup truck collided at high speed, causing the sedan to flip over multiple times before coming to a stop upside down on the side of the road. Three individuals were trapped inside the overturned car and had to be rescued by emergency responders.

The three occupants of the sedan, all in their mid-twenties, were immediately rushed to the nearby St. Mary’s Hospital for medical treatment. The extent of their injuries is currently unknown, but sources have confirmed that they are in stable condition.

Eye witnesses at the scene reported hearing a loud crash followed by screams and cries for help. Many bystanders rushed to assist in any way possible until emergency services arrived.

The driver of the pickup truck, who has not been identified yet, remained on the scene and cooperated with authorities during their investigation. Preliminary investigations suggest that both vehicles were driving at high speeds and may have run a red light.

The intersection of Willow Street and Elm Avenue was immediately closed off to traffic, causing major delays in the area. Commuters are advised to take alternate routes or expect significant delays due to ongoing investigations at the scene.

Local authorities have urged drivers to exercise caution while on the road, especially during peak traffic hours. They also remind everyone to obey traffic signals and speed limits to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

As of now, no charges have been filed against either driver, and investigations are still underway. Updates will be provided as soon as more information becomes available.

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